Why Do I Love Boulder County, Colorado? (Part 2)

We LOVE our Dogs!!

The dog culture here in Colorado borders on insanity.

Our dogs eat organic dog food and they ride in the car with us to Starbucks to get a "puppacino" (that's a cup full of whipped cream that they are given at the drive thru instead of a doggie biscuit). We pick up their poop in a plastic bag while out taking a walk. There are dog parks all over the place created just for them to have playdates with their friends. We buy them clothes and designer leashes (Okay, I don't go that far) and there are speciality shops on every corner where you can purchase the most ridiculous things to occupy their time and shrink a family's bank account. I actually saw a birthday cake cookie the other day that was no bigger than the average human cookie and it cost $5.99 - for 2 whole dog bites!!!! (no, I didn't buy that one either. . .but the lady in front of me with the matching pomeranians bought 2!!!)

Dogs in Colorado are a protected species - a pampered species - they live better lives than most humans. . .but don't dye your poodle pink! I heard of a hair salon in Boulder who had a poodle in their shop. They died it pink and got charged a $1000 fine for endangering the health of their dog.

Meet my pampered pooch, ECO (like "echo") He's actually not so pampered, but he sure has cost our family lots of bucks. The things we do for our dogs. . .

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