I'll Never Complain. . .

about slow or bad service at the drive thru again.

Today the girls and I were out on our annual Croc shopping expedition. It was truly a girls day out. Pink Crocs for all (except for me - hot pink rubber shoes do nothing for my wardrobe!)

Anyway, after our time at the mall, I realized that it was 12:00 and all of a sudden my stomach started rumbling for Chick fil a. Typically, Chick fil a is by far the fastest drive thru. You can get into a line of 10 cars and still be served in 5 minutes or less. 99% of the time they are very impressive - both with speed and their manners. . ."thank you. . .my pleasure." Don't you just love that!

I have to tell you that today was quite the different experience. It was very stressful - not so much because of their unusual slowness. I'm sure that 2 girls smacking each other across the seat behind me had way more to do with my sense of frustration. But all the same, I drove away swearing that I would never return to Chick fil a at lunch time ever again. . .one of those days.

Next came the humor. Such an insignificant moment in life, and yet by way of random You Tube searching for something completely different, I came across this video. (If you are a High School Musical fan or have tiny HSM fans running around your house, you will recognize these celebrities.) Never again will I complain about my drive thru experience. My worst experience can't possibly equal what these girls had to go through.

Just a post to waste your time. . .:-) Every once in a while I think I should be allowed to share something completely insignificant, don't you?. . .Enjoy the weekend!

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Jennifer Miller said...

I completely support your right to post insignificant things every once in awhile. :-)