A Week of Tennis

Emma just completed her first official week of "for real" tennis camp today. After 30 hours of tennis, fun and sun (except for the days that it poured down rain), Emma is exhausted, but happily still loving tennis.

This week was a growing time both for her and for myself. Emma was given a lot of responsibility as she was left in two new situations that she had never experienced. . .8 hours/day away from her parents, out in the open, at a tennis court/pool with only a few coaches to supervise. . .Mom was a nervous wreck for the first 2 days, but she did terrific. . .Second, this week was the first time I have ever allowed Emma to go swimming without my supervision. She is not a great swimmer - brave, but not a lot of skills. Because of this, I was probably the most nervous about not being there to jump in and save her if she needed me during the two opportunities they gave the kids to cool off in the pool. Again, she did just fine. (I have to admit that if she had looked up a few times she would have noticed a silhouette on the other side of the fence that looked much like her mom. . .shhhhh!)

So a new chapter of life has begun. I officially have a daughter who is growing up. . .three of them as a matter of fact. Of course, I have known that all along, but on this day as I write it is very, very real.

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