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Sa's House

This is where we just spent the last 5 days. It is a homestay of our friends, Sa and Thuy. This was by far the highlight of the trip thus far. Sa is quite the host and Thuy prepares the absolute best food in all of Vietnam. It's all free range and organic :-)

Hanoi Friends, Market and Train

Vietnam 2010 - Day 6 of the Adventure

Hey everyone! Day 6 of the Colon Family Veitnam Journey and I finally got a chance to sit down this afternoon to hopefully share some pictures from our time so far if the internet connection treats me well. Today and for the next 3 nights we are in Bac Ha. It is in the northern mountains and we are staying with out friend, Sa. Kevin and the girls are our motorbiking around the countryside as I type. I can hardly wait to hear the stories of their adventures...just another story to add to the many we have accumulated so far. There is no way I can share every moment with you, but I'll do my best here to share some pics and tell you what our days have been filled with through today. Enjoy!

San Francisco to Taiwan. . .before the 14 hour plane ride.

In Taiwan and still smiling! Next stop, Hanoi.


Claire drawing much too much attention as a crazy American on the Hanoi sidewalk.

Not your normal Vietnamese lunch - Al Fresco's (American food at it's finest. . .for Vietnam at least)
Exhaustion set in - rested before dinner at the City View Cafe.

Views of the city at dinner

Day 6 Hanoi - A day at Cafe Mocha, the zoo and home with Sherman, Becky, Hannah, Allison and Zachary (GVI family) and a night train to the mountains

Day 7-10, Bac Ha - Sa's homestay

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