Why Do I Love Boulder County, Colorado? (Part 1)

EVERYBODY rides a bike!!! Okay, maybe not everybody. I don't ride a bike. I don't even own a bike. But I love the idea of owning and riding a bike. The largest majority of people that I know here do it. I simply need the 4 seater minivan version with airbags. No, scratch that. . .What I need is a surrey like this happy family discovered at Disneyland. Wouldn't I get some great stares if the girls and I started down the bike lane to Target in this?
Or maybe I should do it Hanoi style like this. . .(you've gotta click on this pic to see the larger image)Who really needs a bike lane anyway?

Maybe someday I will join the bike riding craze of Colorado. It's really cool. And seriously, EVERYONE else rides a bike!!!!! But I just paid $1100 so my van would continue to run. I can't even afford a bike. So for me, I'll continue to enjoy the air conditioning and live vicariously through all of my friends who are burning hundreds of calories and saving the ozone layer and looking really terrific in their spandex all at the same time.

This is reason #1 why I love where I live! Check back for more!

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