We Are Practicing Our Walking Skills

This morning I woke up to such a beautiful day. It's the kind of a day that makes me want to jump in the van and take the kids to the park, run through the sprinklers or take a hike in the mountains. You know those kind of days. . . But recently, just as I'm sure you can all relate, I find myself second guessing just piling into the van for the unexpected outing. Lately, I am more likely to stay home and wait for all of the errands to pile up so I can take care of them in one giant sweep of the town, taking every shortcut possible and never stopping to smell the roses. Van rides are now more about efficiency than recreation. And as gas prices continue to soar, I'm sure this will continue to become more and more our reality.

So, today we decided to practice our walking skills. Here are a few pictures of our time outdoors.

Safeway grocery store is only about a mile away, so we leashed up ECO and set out. Believe it or not, we actually made it there and back without my having to carry a single girl or a dog! Success!!! We purchased food for dinner ($8.75 for 2 chicken breasts!!! - okay they are organic). . .actually ran through some sprinklers. . . and made it back home in time for lunch.

And now comes to my great admission. . .slowing down and taking a walk to the grocery was WAY more fun than jumping in the car to speed there, grab what we needed and run back in the door only to conquer the next thing on my to-do list. Am I happy that gas prices are soaring? Happy? Are you kidding? I hate it. But I am happy that it is causing us in little ways to slow down and enjoy the moments a little bit more instead of just waving as they pass us by.

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