Sabbath #2 - Betasso Preserve

This week our family spent the day unplugged and in the mountains yet again. Finally, we have some decent weather here where it's not completely miserable to open the door and go outside. So, we decided to take advantage of it while we had the chance. We slept in and Kevin made omelets(his specialty). We packed a lunch of peanut butter and jelly, chips and oranges, grabbed a sweatshirt and camera, made a family visit to our favorite chiropractor and then headed 30 minutes down the road to Betasso Preserve just outside of Boulder. Here's the link.

The girls completely amazed me. It was a long and tough hike. We weren't expecting the amount of snow that we found so we weren't completely prepared, but they didn't care. They were troopers all the way. For 3.2 miles we hiked through the snow and ice and mud, up and down hills all the way. We stopped to listen to the birds and enjoy God's beautiful creation all around us. We slipped and fell. Our shoes got covered in mud. We had lunch on a log as we watched for mountain lions - luckily not spotting a single one even though we were told to "beware." And our dog, ECO (Echo), never slowed down though I know he was freezing. He cried the whole way, but more because he was excited to be outside with us than because of the pain his paws were feeling from the ice.

It really was a terrific day! We ended it with Chinese food that Claire for some reason wanted to cover her feet in to get them warm. Then it was 1st grade basketball practice time before everyone collapsed into their beds for the evening.

As I told you last week, I continue to be anxious to learn all that God has for us as we set this time aside. This week, I think I have just continued to feel the confirmation that Sabbath is God's plan. I thought I was going to get behind with all of life's "to-do's" by being intentional about Sabbath. I imagined school suffering and housework piling up. So far, it's quite the opposite. I'm caught up and I have no idea how. I'm refreshed. I'm in a better mood. I feel more connected with God and with our family. It's pretty crazy.

Here are a few pictures from the day. . .

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