Global Art Inferno

Do you love art? I mean the real deal art. . .from famous artists and not the art you can buy at Target or TJ Maxx. Too expensive? My thoughts exactly. I have been to Vietnam and brought back quite a few knock offs of famous Vietnamese paintings. But I never imagined that I could ever own the real deal. . .But check this out!

A friend of mine, Ben Roberts, is starting this super cool organization called Global Art Inferno. . .Read on. . .it's really impressive and a terrific idea.

Global Art Inferno is bringing exclusive art to the nonexclusive customer. By forging partnerships with Vietnamese Artists Global Art Inferno is able to bring real talent to the American market for a fraction of the cost. We are not selling prints, we are selling original works of art that represent the vibrant color and style of contemporary Vietnamese paintings.

Global Art Inferno creates exclusivity in three very unique ways:

1. You must be a member of Global Art Inferno to purchase art.
2. Global Art Inferno only produces small run commissions of art, never over 500 paintings in any collection. Consumers can be assured that they are receiving something that very few people in the entire world have.
3. Global Art Inferno brings art to life by predestining its death. Every GLOBAL ART INFERNO painting has a life span of one year after it arrives in America. All art not purchased within that year is burned so that excess inventory does not stack up and sell at discounts.

Through this innovative model we are offering premium products that are sold at less than wholesale prices. Our mantra is art for all. We will change what it means to have access to art in the 21st century.

Here is the deal. We want this company to be completely consumer driven. We want our members to help make all business decisions. From the very beginning we will be committing 10% of our profits to the Non-Government Organization Glocal Ventures because of their work in the communities we will purchase the art from. To keep membership as the decision makers it is imperative that we raise capital in unique ways. By the middle of September you will be able to purchase unique t-shirts directly from When we have reached 5,000 t-shirts sold we are ready to move forward.

Can I get an Amen for collective action?


BTW - Glocal Ventures is the global/local ministry arm of Northwood Church in Keller, TX, and the organization that we at Cool River go through when we send our people to Vietnam at least 2 times/year. I encourage you to check out the website above. . .even if you don't think you would enjoy Vietnamese art. . .even if you prefer your kids refrigerator art to the real deal. . .this is going to be a terrific organization to be a part of.

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Benjamin Roberts said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word Amy! If anyone has any questions, give me a call! 817.602.4325.

Ben Roberts