Venture Vietnam August 2007

Nine years ago Kevin and I were in Vietnam for the first time. In all honesty, we really didn't even want to be there. Kevin was youth pastor at NorthWood Church back then. Only days before we had returned from youth camp in Brownwood, Texas. It was exhausting (and HOT!!!!). And yet, there we were - newlyweds just getting our feet wet - journeying to the other side of world together. It was Kevin's job. We were only going to be in Vietnam for a few days. Then he and I had to run yet another youth camp in Malaysia for missionary kids for the following week. There was nothing in me that even hinted the love that would develop in my heart for Vietnam as a result of only a few days in Hanoi. . .

Today we received these pictures. . .
9 years later Kevin and I have started Cool River Church. The church is 4 years old. No one who has ever entered the doors of Eldorado K-8 where we meet planned on falling in love with Vietnam either. But just look at them!

This is trip # 7 that Cool River has made to
Veitnam. It is the very first trip that Cool River has taken without either Kevin or myself as part
of the group. That in itself is super cool for us.
I can hardly believe it! Would Scott, Brian, Becky or Nate have ever had the opportunity to have this experience if it weren't for the awesome plan of God that her started 9 years ago with me and Kevin? How I love to watch the stories unfold!!!!!
On this trip these guys are installing a computer lab in the North near Bac Ha where we work. Cool River raised over $11,000 to make it happen. It will be a hub for teachers and students and businessmen to be trained.
I love being a part of it all. I love it that my friends love being a part of it all. I love what God is doing in the hearts and lives of our community.
To the team - have a blast!!!!!!!! Next time I will be with you!

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