Day One

Today was day 1 of 15 that Kevin will be gone to Vietnam. As I write, he is probably getting ready to land in Hanoi. Only a few weeks ago I was the one on the other side of the world and he was alone with our girls. Now the roles have reversed and I am a single mom for a time.

I have no idea how Mom's that have husbands who travel regularly do it. I know that there is a point where you get used to the fact that Dad is away. Life adapts. But I have no desire to ever make this separation a regular part of our family's life. Though. . .that may be just the direction that life is taking us.

A year ago I would have never imagined that both Kevin and myself would be traveling to Vietnam so much. Until now, it was only a dream, a desire. And because I never believed that these opportunities would present themselves so quickly, I think I failed to mentally prepare for it all. Family time has always been extremely important to us. Kevin is always around. His office is at home. Whether he is playing with the girls or on a work related phone call, his voice is always echoing through the walls. But today, it has been quiet.

Today there have been no garage door noises signaling Daddy's return home or cell phones ringing in the middle of dinner. And tonight there will be no snoring - okay, so maybe one good thing will come out of his absense. But in 15 days I have a feeling that even the snoring will be a welcomed sound. All of the sounds will mean one thing - that Kevin is here with us again. And life will once again be as it should.

Until then, God, be near Daddy. We already miss him.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy! It's your 50 something minister of music from P'ton who saw SSC and youngest daughter in the grocery today! Wish I had read this before I saw him. So happy I found your blog. I'll read mo often. I thank God for you and continue to pray His blessings on you and your sweet family. Would love to see you sometime!
Wayne Causey