Moments Almost Missed 10/4/10

Okay, so I have to be honest. I didn't come home from this day of Sabbath with an overwhelming feeling of "Wow!" It was a good family day. We did some fun family things like going to the zoo and visiting Bass Pro Shop to look at the fish and climb on the boats. We ate some tasty BBQ, had some laughs and called it a day. It was fun. But it wasn't a "wow" kind of God day. I wasn't upset about it. Not at all. But it felt like we didn't do our best to experience God through it all. It made me long to do better next time. It reminded me to be more present, more available to the unexpected moments God might be wanting to share with us. It made me wonder if we missed something He was trying to show us. . .something more.

But to my surprise, this time, it was almost as if the "after party" was where God's presence chose to become very clear to me. It was tonight when I noticed it. . .God's hand all over our not so "wow" day, captured in photographs. . .

Sister's genuinely enjoying being sisters

A mom surrounded by her 3 healthy, happy daughters

Claire and Emma breaking through their fears and feeding the birds

Preteen Emma loving on her daddy

Giant smiles

A boost from big sister

Girls joyfully playing ring-around-the-rosy in the rain without a worry in the world

Basking in their country roots, running here and there, remembering their times in KY riding 4 wheelers and going out on the boat

You see, I just learned a good lesson tonight. It really was a "Wow!" day. It was a "wow" day because we were together, we were a family, we are healthy and blessed. There is joy in every moment. . .if you just take the time to look for it.

Emma said she saw God that day in the baby giraffes. Claire said she saw him in the rescued sea lion without a tail. We all agreed He was there as they ran and giggled in the rain. Yes, another "wow" God day after all. I'm glad I didn't miss it.

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