It's the Little Things that Make Me Happy

Joy and Happiness are two very different things.

Joy is a choice. It is a gift freely given from the Father no matter what circumstances of life come our way. It's there. It gives us a sense of peace and "lightness" in our step no matter what the day might bring. We just have to grab it and hold on tight.

Happiness, on the other hand, is found in the little things that unexpectedly happen throughout life. Happiness is that thing that sort of makes us giddy for a brief time and then fades away as life progresses, only to make it's appearance again at yet another unexpected, perfect moment.

For example, here are some little things that have brought me "Happiness" this holiday weekend. . .

The $1.99 rack at Gymboree

Perfectly sweet peaches from the Farmer's Market

The purchase of a french press that makes a perfect cup of coffee

A great haircut

What more could a girl ask for??? So here's wishing you true joy and lots and lots of unexpected happiness, not just this holiday weekend, but every day. . .just when you need it.

What little things make you happy?


Nancy said...

reading your messages

Pat said...

Knowing that you're happy.


Holly33 said...

Sweet, unexpected kisses from my little girl. Just got one:)