So Proud of My Claire!

I can't let the evening pass me by without sharing a quick story that was just so fantastic from today. I wish I had a picture to share as well. Maybe next time.

Today Claire and Emma went to try out for a theatre group in Boulder called the Peanut Butter Players. It's a kids group for ages K-6th. They are terrific, and because my girls have been twisting my arm for such a long time to let them be in a play, I finally gave in.

Anyway, a long story made very short is this. . .there were 30 kids. Each child had to prepare their own song to sing for the audition and they had to sing it in front of everyone. For my girls, this was their first solo experience. I have to admit that I was very nervous. And I thought that they would be nervous as well. My heart beat so fast when each of their names were called. I really had no idea what to expect.

First up was Emma. She did fantastic! She rocked and her boldness shocked this introverted mom who has thought all along that she had the introverted first child in Emma - but theatre definitely brought out the best in her.

Next was Claire. Now Claire is my sweet and innocent 6 1/2 year old. She has a heart that is bent towards God and loving others. She is so sweet. And Claire chose "Jesus Loves Me" as her solo debut.
(Now let me just remind you all of this. I LIVE IN BOULDER COUNTY, COLORADO. This is the place where they say that 1 in every 10 people that you pass on the street MIGHT believe in Christ. This is liberal-town, USA. Obama rocks here! Trees are loved a lot here. And "Jesus Loves Me" - well, let's just say that it's NOT the first song that most preschoolers learn like in my home of the South.)

Anyway, my sweet Claire, of course, has no idea of these things. She loves Jesus. I'm fairly sure that she believes everyone loves Jesus. She has no fears or apprehension in talking about God like her best friend. And as she marched up onto that public school stage in Boulder, Colorado, she gave it all she had. She sang at the top of her lungs. She hit every note. She was confident. She was so darn cute. And she had no idea, but she was one of the greatest witnesses at that moment that I have seen in a really long time - knowing the crowd as I did.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the entire group applauded. No one raised a hand in protest or yelled any rude remarks. And Claire was beaming.

The best part was still to come, though. At the end of the auditions - when we had successfully made it through and I knew that no one was going to give a second thought to her song selection, the teacher gave one final call. She said that she was giving anyone who thought that they might need one more shot to re-audition and do a better job the second chance. Any takers? And whose hand shot up in the crowd? Calire's! I have no idea why. She did so great the first time. All I can figure out is this. . .God wanted somebody to hear those words ONE MORE TIME! And so once again. . .she bounced up on stage. "Jesus Loves Me" rang throughout the school auditorium. She smiled her biggest Claire smile. Everyone cheered even louder than before. I didn't have a heart attack after all. And at the end of it all - it was a beautiful thing.

I fully believe that God was using Claire today - if only to plant some little seed in one little child's mind. Who is Jesus? What was that song about? I suppose we'll never know the real significance of today. But I'm so proud that I have a brave little girl. I'm so proud that God is using her even in her niavity. I'm so proud that the Holy Spirit prompts her. I so wish I was as brave.


emily said...

what a cool story! Way to go Claire! if only we all could be as bold and willing to be moved by the spirit - so cool!

Anonymous said...

what a great story. i love the inhibition kids have, it is so inspiring.

last year jett came home from school concerned that a friend of his didn't go to church. he went to my desk and put one of our mailers in his backpack to invite her to church. i almost cried it was so sweet!

tell Claire, well done!

have a great family night!

Carol Colon Turner said...


God Bless you, Claire!

We love you,
Uncle Clay, Titi Carol, Gabe and Jude

Christie said...

Amy this was such an awesome story. It's so cool how God uses little hearts. I know you guys are so proud of her.

Beth said...

You always make me cry! You have such a way with words! What a sweet little gift from God your Claire is!

Morgantown Beth

Diana Bricker said...

Wow! God is always at work, isn't HE? I am crying so hard I can barely type. Way to rock, Claire!

Tell Dad he might have the next evangelist on his hands!

Claire is just what you and Kevin model for her. A real relationship with Christ.