"Middle Girl"

Just the other day Claire decided that she wants to build a treehouse. (now understand, we do not have a single tree in our entire yard) And this treehouse is to be very special because it is just for "middle girls." She, of course, is my unique middle girl. The good thing is that she finds joy in being in the middle. She often says that, "Emma is big, Olivia is little and I am medium." And it is always followed by a big smile from ear to ear.

I hope and pray that she will always feel unique and special in the "birth order" that God has placed her. At times I feel such pain as she struggles to find her own special friends on the playground or at church. Emma often (unintentionally) takes them away as most kids are drawn to the older child. But of all my girls I see such a huge, loving heart in Claire. She loves easily and she gets hurt easily.

Lord, I need you to help me to know how to guide her and encourage her and give her opportunities that are just her own as life happens. Claire is the one I worry about the most and yet the one that I see God's heart reflected in the most.

There is a great chance that she will never truly get to build her treehouse for middle girls. But I pray that she will always find her place. Lord, please fill her with confidence and always keep her heart as soft as it is today at 4 years old.

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