Snowy in Golden

The snow didn't stop us on Monday's Sabbath. It did slow us down a bit, but like good Coloradans we braved the weather without fear.

This week the Colon's spent the first part of the day in our pajama's watching the beautiful snow. It had been almost a month since we had seen the white stuff fall, so it was nice just to enjoy the stillness on the morning together as a family.

Chef Kevin once again shared his culinary breakfast skills by making homemade french toast for everyone.

Then it was Dutch Blitz time. . .

And when the snow slowed we got dressed, dug out(there really wasn't much snow) and took off to Golden to practice everyone's newly acquired Wii bowling skills at Golden Bowl.

We are much better at Wii bowling than the real thing, but it was still a lot of fun. I loved watching our girls laugh at themselves as they threw gutter ball after gutter ball. By the end of the game, everyone scored at least something and worked up a good appetite for a late lunch before basketball practice.

Sitting around a table we talked about the day and about family and God. I love how easily our girls can share their hearts. We then had another good 1st grade basketball practice and family prayer time on the steps going up the the girls' rooms ended the day. I love how much I love being with my family. They make me very proud.

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