A Day in Breckenridge

I love to write, but today I think I'll give the credit to someone else.
So. . .PLEASE read Kevin's blog HERE and then check back here for more photos from our Family Sabbath Week 5 in Breckenridge. . .


IT WAS COLD!!!!! Only an hour and a half away but 20+ degrees colder. . .First we went to see the snow sculptures that were in downtown Breckenridge. Everyone chose their favorite. Very impressive!

I couldn't resist including this one.

Lunch at Cool River Coffee Shop. . .it seemed appropriate. (http://www.coolriverchurch.com)

And then it was time for a little sledding to end the day. . .check out that view!

Another fun day complete!!!


Charity said...

Was so looking forward to a picture of you on the sled! Looks like you had a great day. I called you a couple of wks ago. Did you get my voicemail?

Pat said...

I have never seen snow sculptures before; these are unbelievable. The snow scenes in the pictures are beautiful and so peaceful. God gives us such special things to enjoy if we will only take the time to appreciate His handiwork. What you all are doing is an inspiration.

Amy Colon said...

Charity, I did do some sledding as well but the photographer rarely gets in on the good pictures. Or maybe that was the plan... :-) No, when did you call? If you called on my cell, little girls often help me to lose those messages. They somehow magically disappear??? :-) People are asking me all the time about voicemail.

Amy Colon said...

Mom, the snow sculptures were amazing. Unfortunately it was almost too cold to enjoy.