WKU Days

Every summer our family makes it back to KY to visit family. Sometimes the trips are shorter than I would like. Other times I find myself with opportunities to really sit back with good friends from the past and reminisce about the old days. So far, this has been a reminiscing vacation. As I write, I'm in Louisville at my mother-in-law's house. It's great. We have been fed and loved on. The girls have been given 24/7 undivided attention. And Kevin and I have had the opportunity to not only enjoy family, but also to enjoy friends. Just tonight I'm sitting here realizing that I feel alive like I haven't in a long time.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? Something or someone just resonates with your spirit. . .For me, it's one of those things that hits me out of nowhere. I usually don't even realize that my soul is so thirsty, but after drinking in that huge gulp of life, the refreshment proves to be almost overwhelming. That's how I have felt the past 2 days, thanks to some time spent, and love shared, and common bonds felt between us and some fantastic people. . .Pete and Brandi Wilson, Jeremy and Kelly Nelson, Kevin's sister, Carol, and Jeff and Vicki Rogers.

For me, each of these connections are very unique. I went to school with Brandi from middle school through college. Kevin and Pete were roommates and great friends at WKU. They were the studs of the BSU (then the Baptist Student Union), or so they think. I even brushed shoulders with Kevin's sister, Carol, at WKU during those days. Yet through it all, our paths were always crossing (some more than others), but never completely woven together by God for quite some time.

Jeremy and Kelly were other WKU BSU faces that I only recognized but never really knew (Kevin was friends with them and they knew all of his OTHER girl friends, but not me). And to me, Jeff and Vicki were always just doing life on a different level of "cool" from me. Although I knew them enough to say, "hello," that was about it. All of these great people struck me as somebody to take note of during those days. None of them were really my close buddies. Yet somehow this entire group mentioned danced through mine and each other's lives for 4+ years on that WKU campus.

This week I have been amazed at how God has brought these fantastic people back to the surface of my life once again. To each of you, you have given me "life" through our conversations and memories and LAUGHTER and your boldness to serve the Lord. Each of you have impacted my life with your faithfulness and relentless passion. In your own way you have inspired me with the way you are living life out in your corner of the world. And you have encouraged me to continue to take giant leaps for the sake of Christ.

Years have passed since we first met. . .12+ to be exact. I never had a clue that these last few days would happen. In the grand scheme of life, our brief time eating and drinking coffee together may have been nothing more than just a fun vacation moment. Who knows. But for those moments, your hearts and lives spoke into me. And your passion for a relationship with the Father shone brightly. You taught me to never underestimate any relationships, that's for sure. And maybe God will continue to do the weaving and maybe he won't (I hope he does). . .but for this week. . .thanks for the time you shared with us. I can't wait to see what adventures God has planned for you next!

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Anonymous said...

i love this post!!! i'm so in tune with what you had to say. thanks again for taking a whole evening to hang out with us. enjoy the rest of your trip!