Sabbath in the Mountains (Part 2)

5am at the gym, believe it or not, it one of my most favorite ways to begin Sabbath. Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard? It wakes me up and gets me moving. But best of all, I get to journey home to an early morning view of God's beauty like this. . .

This particular day everyone else in the house woke up a few hours later with one major objective in mind. . .going no where that our feet couldn't take us.

First stop. . .the kitchen table. Everyone got the opportunity to choose one of their favorite verses or stories from the Bible, read it to the family and tell why they liked it. I have to say that my favorite part was just watching each girl flip open their Bibles and search God's Word. That they are familiar with the books and the verses - that they know where to find stories and recall what has touched them in the past is pretty cool to observe. And that they have no fear or hesitation in hanging out with God's Word is beautiful. I pray that never changes.

Next, everyone got on their feet and marched out the front door to explore our neighborhood and town. We told the girls that they had to lead us. So at every intersection they took turns telling us which way they wanted to go.

It worked well for a while. They took us to some beautiful places, but after a while it started to feel like we were going in circles, so mom had to take over. . .

Down the hill we went. . .and despite the newly hatched little blue/green bugs that wanted to jump onto our clothes and bodies and take a ride, successfully freaking our oldest, Emma, out and causing quite the drama, we made it to lunch at Panera. For Emma, enjoying God's creation became a bit difficult, but she was happy to enjoy God's bagel's and smoothie's.

After a long, slow lunch we jumped to our feet again, renewed, and decided to take Coal Creek Trail and see where we might end up. All in all we walked around and enjoyed our town and community about 4 miles on this day. The Colon girls rock when it comes to hiking lately. There are much less tears and complaining (as long as the bugs stay far, far away) and much more joy. We are all really starting to understand the privilege it is to take part in the beauty of God's creation and noticing so much more of the journey.

We came home and crashed. . .the end of another great day!

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