Spring Has Sprung - Sabbath 4/12/10

This was a really great day for our family. There is just something about working hard, getting dirty and finishing a project together. Today was all about enjoying creation and preparing for spring.

We started the day in bed. . .sleeping for a really long time. No one woke up until like 10am, which was pretty amazing. Then Kevin cooked breakfast and we sat down to read the Bible together. We read from John 3 when Jesus was teaching Nicodemus what it meant to be born again and how to live by the Light and not in the darkness. And of course, with 3 little sisters, we had plenty of opportunity to reinforce that lesson as the day went on. It's amazing how much darkness tries to invade when you are trying hard to follow the Light. Sabbath is becoming quite full of teachable moments. But it's good.

Anyway, from the pictures above you will see that we had a great day despite moments of fussiness that inevitably come. Emma, Claire and Olivia were hard workers. They all got to pick their own flowers and vegetables and in the end we were all proud of the results of a day spent together in the backyard as a family.

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