Christmas Traditions (Part 2)

Every year since the girls were tiny we have made a gingerbread house during the holidays. I have done everything from making it from scratch (the overachiever Christmas about 3 years ago) to buying the Wilton Gingerbread kit (the one that made me so mad that I threw half of it on the floor in anger in front of the kids and they still remind me of it to this day.) But this year my goal was simplicity during the holidays. So, here is our 2008 gingerbread house.

It took 30 minutes to complete. There was no mess except for all of those little white papers from the sticky foam shingles. No one cussed (oops, I guess I forgot to share that part from last year) or threw it down in anger.

And we still have a lovely "gingerbread house" to be proud of. . .actually a gingerbread house with LANDSCAPING!

Are you doing anything SIMPLER this holiday season?

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